BBLS…Big Brother, Little Sister

We proudly introduce our first major title, BBLS…Big Brother, Little Sister, by Elena Southworth! Sometimes, siblings are peas in a pod.  Usually, siblings are archenemies. In Big Brother, Little Sister, you will meet the Harper family. Overly responsible big-brother Matthew, and his mischievous little-sister Aaliyah are always battling it out with high-stakes shenanigans, under theirContinue reading “BBLS…Big Brother, Little Sister”

Author Spotlight: Elena Southworth

Best Selling Author Elena Southworth was born on July 1, 2007 in California. Yes, you read that right, she’s a teenager. When she was 8, her little brother, Mason, started complaining about how he was younger but wished to be older. To make Mason feel better, she started BBLS, (Big Brother Little Sister), a gameContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Elena Southworth”