Author Spotlight: Elena Southworth

Best Selling Author Elena Southworth was born on July 1, 2007 in California. Yes, you read that right, she’s a teenager. When she was 8, her little brother, Mason, started complaining about how he was younger but wished to be older. To make Mason feel better, she started BBLS, (Big Brother Little Sister), a game where they’d switch ages and pretend to be each other. When Elena was ten, she decided to make the adventures they’d go on in the game real and began writing BBLS the book. She’s always been creative, artistic, and has a big imagination, so this book was no surprise!  Elena loves piano, dance, and her puppy Boe. One day, she would love to go to MIT as an undergrad and then to Harvard to study medicine. However, she will continue writing to keep kids and their families entertained.

Stay tuned for some more BBLS mischief in the next book, The Harper’s Holiday Horror!

Contact information :

Instagram: @elenasouthworthofficial

Facebook: Elena Southworth

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